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The Suljovic Spin: Unraveling the Mystery of His Unique Dart-Throwing Technique

Mensur Suljovic, a renowned professional darts player, has captivated audiences with his unorthodox technique – spinning his darts before releasing them. This blog post aims to uncover the reasons behind Suljovic’s unique dart-throwing style and discuss the possible benefits and impact it has on his gameplay.

Who is Mensur Suljovic?

Born in Serbia and representing Austria, Mensur Suljovic has been a prominent figure in the world of professional darts since the early 2000s. Known for his calm demeanor and steady pace, Suljovic has earned numerous titles throughout his career, including the 2017 Champions League of Darts and 2018 Danish Darts Open.

The Suljovic Spin: Why Does He Spin His Darts?

Mensur Suljovic’s spinning technique has been a subject of much curiosity among darts enthusiasts. The spin he imparts on his darts is achieved by rotating them between his thumb and forefinger just before release. But what is the purpose behind this distinctive technique? Let’s explore some possible reasons:

  1. Comfort and familiarity: Suljovic has been spinning his darts since he started playing the game. The spin may have initially been a personal quirk that has now become an integral part of his throwing routine, providing comfort and familiarity.
  2. Stabilizing flight: Some players believe that adding spin to darts can stabilize their flight, reducing wobble and increasing accuracy. While this is a debated topic, Suljovic’s success on the professional circuit lends some credibility to the idea.
  3. Psychological advantage: The unique spin might also serve as a psychological advantage, setting Suljovic apart from other players and potentially causing his opponents to feel intimidated or distracted.

Does the Spin Impact His Performance?

While it’s difficult to quantify the impact of Suljovic’s spinning technique on his overall performance, it’s clear that the method works for him. The spin might not suit every player, but for Suljovic, it has become an essential part of his game. His numerous titles and consistently high ranking in the world of professional darts are a testament to the efficacy of his unorthodox approach.


Mensur Suljovic’s spinning darts technique is a fascinating aspect of his gameplay, capturing the attention of fans and fellow players alike. Whether it’s for comfort, stability, or psychological advantage, the Suljovic Spin is undeniably a signature move that has contributed to his success in the world of darts. Aspiring players can take inspiration from Suljovic’s unique approach and embrace their own quirks, potentially discovering a winning technique that works for them.

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