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What are darts called in Ireland?

While darts is a globally popular game, local variations and names can add a layer of cultural richness to the experience. Ireland, with its deep-rooted pub culture and love for games, is no exception. In this post, we explore what darts are called in Ireland and how the Irish name and customs around the game enhance its enjoyment.

What are Darts Called in Ireland?

In Ireland, darts are generally referred to simply as “darts” or “dart-throwing” (‘caidreamh dartanna’ in Irish Gaelic). While the terminology is quite similar to that used in other English-speaking countries, the unique atmosphere of Irish pubs and the camaraderie during games add a distinct Irish flavor to it.

The Cultural Context

Darts in Ireland is not just about the game; it’s about the experience. While you’ll find standard dartboards and rules in most pubs, the social aspect of the game takes center stage. Whether you’re in a pub in Dublin or a local bar in rural Ireland, you’ll often find darts played against the backdrop of live music, storytelling, and lively conversation.

Linguistic Nuances

Though the term “darts” is universally recognized in Ireland, the Gaelic influence occasionally surfaces, especially in more traditional settings. The term ‘caidreamh dartanna’ can sometimes be heard, primarily as a nod to Irish heritage. However, this is not widespread and is more common among native Irish speakers or during culturally significant events.

Tips for Enjoying Darts in Ireland

If you find yourself in the Emerald Isle with a desire to throw some arrows, here are some tips:

  1. Know the Local Rules: Although the game is generally played according to international standards, always ask about house rules.
  2. Join the Craic: The Irish concept of ‘craic’—fun, entertainment, and enjoyable conversation—is central to the darts experience in Ireland.
  3. Appreciate the Atmosphere: The pub atmosphere is an integral part of playing darts in Ireland, so enjoy the music and engage with locals for a full experience.


Though darts in Ireland is mostly called by the same name we’re familiar with, the cultural and linguistic nuances surrounding the game make it a unique experience. From the social atmosphere of Irish pubs to the occasional Gaelic terminology, darts in Ireland is not just a game—it’s a cultural event. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, partaking in a game of darts in Ireland is an experience not to be missed.

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