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Why Are Most Professional Darts Players Overweight?

Have you ever noticed that many professional darts players tend to be overweight and wondered why that is the case? The stereotype is pervasive, and while not all darts players fit this mold, a significant number do. This blog post aims to delve into the underlying factors that might explain this phenomenon.

Not a Mere Coincidence

Firstly, let’s acknowledge that the observation isn’t without basis. A casual glance at professional darts competitions does reveal a higher percentage of overweight players compared to other sports. However, it’s crucial to go beyond the stereotype and look at various contributing factors.

Lifestyle Factors

One of the most obvious reasons that may explain the body type of many professional darts players is the lifestyle associated with the sport. Here are some aspects to consider:

  1. Sedentary Nature: Darts is not a physically demanding sport, and players often spend long hours practicing while standing or sitting. This lack of physical exertion could contribute to weight gain over time.
  2. Pub Culture: Darts has roots in pub culture, where food and drink—often high-caloric—play a significant role.
  3. Travel: Professional darts players travel extensively for competitions, which can make it difficult to maintain a balanced diet and exercise routine.

Psychological Factors

There’s also a psychological dimension to consider:

  1. Stress: The high-pressure environment of professional darts can lead to stress, which might trigger emotional eating in some individuals.
  2. Mental Focus over Physical Conditioning: In darts, mental acuity often takes precedence over physical fitness, which might lead players to neglect their physical well-being.

Cultural Perspective

Darts originated in the United Kingdom, where societal views on body weight may differ from other cultures. Being overweight is not necessarily stigmatized in the darts community, and the focus is often on skill rather than appearance.

Is Change on the Horizon?

In recent years, there has been a push towards promoting healthier lifestyles in various sports, and darts is no exception. Several players have started incorporating fitness routines into their practice regimes, but change is gradual.


The prevalence of overweight players in professional darts is a multi-faceted issue, influenced by lifestyle, psychological, and cultural factors. While the stereotype persists, it’s important to note that the sport is slowly evolving to embrace healthier lifestyle choices. The overarching takeaway is that while physique may be a talking point, it’s the skill, strategy, and mental fortitude that define the elite in this compelling sport.

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