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Exploring the British Lingo of Darts

If you’re a fan of darts, you’ve likely heard an assortment of terms and phrases related to the game, some of which may have a distinctively British ring to them. After all, darts has deep roots in British culture. This blog post aims to explore what the British call darts and delve into the rich lexicon that accompanies this popular pub game in the United Kingdom.

Darts by Any Other Name

In the simplest terms, the British call the game “darts.” Yes, just like in most other countries. However, what makes British darts unique is not the name of the game itself but the colorful terminology and idioms that are commonly used in British darts culture.

British Darts Terminology: A Quick Glossary

While the game is universally known as “darts,” the Brits have contributed a plethora of slang, phrases, and idioms to the world of darts, making the experience culturally rich and engaging. Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Arrows: Another term for darts. “Throwing some arrows” is a casual way to refer to playing the game.
  2. Oche: Pronounced like “ockey,” this is the line behind which a player stands to throw their darts.
  3. Bed: Refers to the scoring area on the board, such as “treble bed” or “double bed.”
  4. Chucker: A friendly or informal game of darts, usually not in a league or tournament setting.
  5. Leg: A single game in a match of darts.

Iconic British Darts Phrases

Part of the charm of British darts is the iconic phrases often heard during the game, especially during professional tournaments. Here are some you might come across:

  • “One Hundred and Eighty!”: The highest score possible with three darts, often announced with gusto.
  • “Game On”: Declared at the start of a leg or match.
  • “Game Shot”: The dart that wins the game.


So, what do the British call darts? Well, they call it “darts,” but the vocabulary surrounding the game is rich and deeply rooted in British culture. Whether you’re a casual player or an enthusiast, knowing the terminology not only enriches your game but also connects you with the historical and cultural aspects of darts in the UK.

Feel free to bookmark this guide for reference or share it with friends who are curious about the lingo of darts across the pond. Cheers, and happy darting!

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